There’s a whole bunch of travel bloggers out there and although they all share the same topic – travel our planet and experience adventures – they all have their unique story to be told. Since I started blogging, I have met quite a number of amazing bloggers, all of whom created beautiful websites and filled them with both informative and entertaining content. With this post, I want to show you my 5 favorite travel blogs:

Little Wanderlust Stories


Janey Mae from Little Wanderlust Stories is one of the first travel bloggers I came across before I started blogging myself. Originally from Scotland, she has already traveled to over 20 countries and is currently staying in New Zealand. It was predetermined that she would become a globetrotter as the earliest memory she has is telling her parents “I want to see everything in the whole world”. And after her first solo trip to Nepal, she put her wish into practice and traveling became her passion. On her blog, she takes you shark cage diving in South Africa and makes you feel the peace of a sunrise on King Charles Bridge in Prague. Planning to go to Scotland? Check Little Wanderlust Stories to get tips from a local! Her stories are worth being read as Janey’s writing style is both entertaining and informative. She is one of these persons you would immediately go on a trip with.

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These Boots Were Made For Traveling


These Boots Were Made For Traveling is another unique and interesting travel blog that I have followed for quite some time. Elle lives in Canada so she has some great tips for the country and whoever seeks inspiration for their Canada trip should definitely check her blog for her latest posts. Besides a lot of destinations in North America she has already been to Europe and Asia. On her visually appealing blog, she invites you to “come adventuring” and that’s exactly what she does. She shares her adventures and perfectly combines travel and lifestyle. Elle describes herself as “an animal lover and wannabe-cowgirl, exploring and photographing the world” and it gets obvious that she loves country-style. Moreover, she is inspired by “passionate people, nature, traveling” and I’m inspired by her blog.

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EatSleepLoveTravel is the travel blog of the married couple Vicky and Chris aka. Mr. ESLT from England. Since they started traveling together in 2007, they have visited more than 60 countries although Vicky does not really like flying. I would call that pretty brave. Reading their blog you feel like they’ve been everywhere and after the first couple of minutes you spend on their blog you notice that the two are experienced travelers. They describe their blog as “basically a diary of our travels and adventures” and this perfectly sums up what their lovely blog is like: It’s authentic and full of refreshing stories, in which they explain to you why they were constantly asked for their marital status in Mauritius (where they also walked with real lions, which is another pretty brave thing) or what made them climb on Sydney Harbor Bridge despite of being afraid of height. One thing is absolutely clear: I can’t wait to follow their upcoming adventures. Can you?

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Every Footstep An Adventure

12308705_1497459827251562_8997357824750300392_ncutCynthia Lee’s travel blog called Every Footstep An Adventure is quite new as she started blogging in December 2015. Nevertheless, the 21-year-old Canadian biochemistry student writes amazing travel stories which include so much personality that you can feel how she is growing with every trip and every planning of a trip. Cynthia says that she was “too afraid to step outside her comfort zone” for a long time. That’s why she hopes that her blog will “inspire and motivate others to gain the courage to go outside their comfort zone and to go on new adventures in this beautiful world”. You feel that this life-loving young lady made one of the biggest transitions one can make and now she’s already planning on backpacking in Europe, followed by a gap year in either Australia or Asia. Her blog shows her excitedness to step out into this world and to let every footstep become an adventure. I’m excited to read about her future trips and somehow I know that there will be many adventures coming.

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the Travellers

Cengiz and Thomas of theTravellers had a fascinating idea: Why not create a bilingual travel video blog? So they did and the result is definitely worth seeing! On both a website and a YouTube channel they “present you high-quality videos” in English and German and show that they have both journalistic and technical skills to make their videos entertaining yet informative. The two harmonize perfectly and are a great team as Cengiz gives the interesting facts and backgorund knowledge whereas Thomas gives the tips and is not afraid to try whatever comes across their way. Together, they take you on a boat ride at the picturesque caves at Ponta Piedade in Portugal or they tell you why you shouldn’t forget to bring nuts when being in Warsaw. Specialized in “destinations for low budget travelers” they show you how to travel on a small budget while having big fun. And I can tell you that it is also big fun to watch their videos.

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I can only recommend you to check out these bloggers’ websites and to find out how they can inspire you!

Do you have any travel bloggers who truly inspire you? Just tell me about them in the comment section below.

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  1. Ahh thank you so much, Lisa!!! 😀 I can’t believe I made the list when there are so many other great bloggers out there. I’ll have to check out some of the other travel blogs you mentioned. Great post!

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