Almost every travelblogger writes about this topic sooner or later and now, it’s my turn I guess. The reason why I’m writing the 100th post on the question about how to save as much money as possible for traveling is the simple fact that even though most of the tips I read on the internet are helpful and make perfect sense, they’re not always easy to follow. That’s why I decided to collect my nine best tips to save money in everyday life. This way, you can see that funding your travels can be diverse and that it doesn’t need to impact your monthly finances.

  • Get a coin bank for your change.

    Most of us carry around change in their purse for weeks and never really spend it. At a certain point, my purse got too heavy and I got myself a coin bank only for the change I received. Twice a month, I empty my purse now and take out all the coins that make my purse too heavy. After a year of doing so, I have saved a nice amount of money without even realizing that I have had less money in my purse than I should have.

  • Get a travel coin bank.

    Beside my coin bank for change, I also use a second coin bank in which I put all the money that I get unexpectedly over the year. Birthday or Christmas presents go in there, as well as money I make on special occasions such as second hand markets. All this extra income goes into my travel coin bank. And I have the strict rule that I won’t take any money out of it that is indended for something that has nothing to do with traveling.

  • Sell our stuff outdoors.

    Second hand markets are a great way to get rid of stuff that you don’t need anymore and to earn some extra money too. Grap a friend and sign up for a local second hand market. You’ll surely have fun together and you in recycling your stuff, you also do something for the environment. What could be better than spending a nice day with a good friend, do something good, reduce your stuff and earn some money on top of it?

  • Sell your stuff online.

    Another way to make some extra money is selling your stuff online. There are second hand platforms for amost everything and from what I have experienced, clothes can be sold on the internet very well. Take some nice pictures of what you’d like to sell and upload them. This way, you can sell the one or the other dress or book without investing too much time in it.

  • Join a market research platform.

    There are several of these platforms on the internet, some of which I have made good experiences with. Before joining such a platform make sure it’s a reputable one and check some independent ratings since some of them aren’t as good in terms of data privacy as others. Having found a reliable market research platform, you can make some money there by joining surveys about new products or brands. A survey is usually rewarded with 0,25-2,00€ depending on its length.

  • Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.

    …or frustrated. I have often made the mistake to go grocery shopping when I either was hungry as a hunter or had a super tough day. Both conditions resulted in me buying half of the supermarket’s assortment and with it, tons of stuff I didn’t need at all and which was then placed in the fridge ad was forgotten soon after. The best way to prevent yourself from escalating into emptying an entire supermarket is going there after a meal or snack and to avoid it whenever you’re frustrated.

  • Go for cheaper products.

    Free yourself from associating price with quality. Depending on the product, the price is totally irrelevant. Why should you buy the 3€ marmelade when you can have the same for 1,50€ …when the only difference is the brand? Most of these products are even produced in the same factory. There are also great natural cosmetics products that are much cheaper than those of expensive and more popular brands and which are not only good for you but for the environment as well.

  • Pay attention to discounts.

    Being a student or an apprentice, you won’t have many difficulties in saving money this way. Instead of going to a movie theater on a Sunday, go there during the week or on a Friday. Most theaters have an extra cheap day so you can make use of this. Most places offer students discounts or discounts on certain days so try to save some money this way and put it into your travel coin bank even though you “only” saved 50 cents because: A penny saved is a penny earned.

  • Have a fun evening at home.

    Invite your friends to a nice self-prepared dinner at home. This is not only cheaper but also more relaxed as you can just talk to each other instead of screaming into each other’s ear. You can also ask your friends to bring something to eat. This does not only guarantee a nice variety but also  reduces the costs of the evening. A potluck is always a great idea, not only for a summer party. Keep in mind that a night in a restaurant or bar would cost you around 15 or 20€ and put 5€ into your travel coin bank.

I hope you find my tips helpful. Maybe they even inspire you to create your own ways of saving money for traveling. What is your best tip to save money? I’m looking forward to hearing about your suggestions and comments about this! 🙂

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