Dear Hamburg,

the three months I lived in you belong to the best and most enlightening months I’ve ever had. You grew close to me and you turned from a cool big city into my home within an incredibly short period of time. Coming to you was exciting and felt refreshing, leaving you almost tore my heart to pieces.

When I arrived at your central station in the evening of the 29th November, it was already dark and I couldn’t wait to see my new temporary home and so I hurried to the cabstand. Had I known that the flat I was supposed to live in was only ten minutes away from were I was standing, I probably wouldn’t have done that.

After 5 minutes inside the cab (and yepp, this has probably been my shortest cab ride ever) I met my new flatmates Hanna and Betti. Thanks to their kind welcome I was comfortable in my new home within seconds. And their friendly nature even made up for the weird encounter with the janitor, who rang only five minutes after I had arrived. I was immediately introduced to a super creepy guy and a problem in the flat that would be the reason for many sleepless nights. But at that point, I didn’t know that the heaters would keep us awake by making terrible noises at night and that the janitor was no janitor at all.

The warm feeling I had when I met my flatmates returned on the first day of my internship. Right from the beginning, I felt welcome and accepted as a full-value co-worker. I was suprised by the open and friendly atmosphere and soon, my workplace became a place where I learned so many new things and where I developed skills that still accompany me today.

Above all, you as a city grew close to me. With your charme you swept me off my feet. And that’s why I should say thank you Hamburg!

Thank you for the beautiful neighborhood I was lucky to live in. St. Georg was probably the best place I could have called my home. With this amazing supermarket that was extremely expensive yet extremely well-assorted and appealing. Not to forget the doctors in St. Georg who I unfortunately had to see way more often than I would have wanted to.

Thank you for all your different neighborhoods, the Speicherstadt, Altona and and your buzzing place-to-go at night, Sternschanze. Thank you for your diversity and giving me the impression that I was living in a manageable place instead of a city of over 1.8 million inhabitants.

Thank you for my flatmates Hanna, Betti and Ann Sophie, with whom I had some of the best chats and funniest moments. Thank you for introducing me to strangers who became incredibly important to me in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the three of them for being the way they are and for accepting the gangster and simultaneous Justin Bieber fan inside of me.

Thank you for my internship, the amazing time I had with my colleagues and all the things I was able to learn from them. Working with them was an enrichment that has shaped me for the future.

Thank you for introducing me to Kumpir, one of the best meals I’ve ever tried.

Thank you for your fabulous second hand markets that are better than any flea markets I’ve ever been to.

Thank you for the heaters that shattered our nerves at night with their neverending noises. They showed me that I can go far beyond what I always considered to be my limit.

Thank you for the mornings I woke up realizing that there were people in the flat I had never seen before. This was an interesting experience.

Thank you for some of the best days my boyfriend and I have had when he visited me. We had so much fun while discovering the city together.

Thank you for giving me the courage to ask my neighbors to turn down the music while my hair was messed and while I was wearing a Gryffindor bathrobe.

Thank you for shaping my personality the way you did.

Thank you for showing me that I can be a girl in her 20s who is accepted by her contemporaries although she hates partying and prefers watching series in her room on weekends – alone.

Thank you for becoming home to me. I can’t wait to be back and see you again.

I miss you, Hamburg. And I will see you again soon although it won’t be the same. Still, you’ll always be home to me. ♥

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