The Sea Sisters – Lucy Clarke [Harper Collins, UK]

This novel is one of the most beautiful one I’ve ever read and it still means a lot to me. It’s full of love and the passion of traveling. Be careful because the story will catch you straightaway. Before you know it, you’re right in the middle of the story of Katie and Mia, two sisters who are seperated by a tragic incident.

One day, Katie learns from two policemen that her sister Mia is dead. She fell from a cliff in Bali and the only thing she leaves behind is a blue travel journal. A journal in which Mia used to document her trip. Katie for sure knows that she can’t just read Mia’s journal at home and so she decides to relive Mia’s journey and read the journal on her way to Mia’s final destination. Starting in London, Katie travels to California, Hawaii, Australia and finally arrives in Bali, where she may get the chance to solve the mystery of Mia’s sudden death. On her way, Katie not only learns something about her sister but also about herself and crosses the lines she never thought she would.

Even though I read the novel three years ago, it has stayed on my mind. I only had to read a few pages until my curiosity was stirred up and I really enjoyed exploring the stops of the journey to find out what happened to Mia. More than the tragic story between the two sisters, it was the exotic setting which fascinated me and which Lucy Clarke can describe beautifully. A wonderful atmosphere and a blend of wanderlust, freedom, romance, family and tragedy run like a common thread through the pages. A mixture you can’t resist!

P.S. The US-version is called Swimming at Night [Touchstone].

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    1. Danke! Wir sind uns ja wirklich ähnlich, habe gerade auf deinem Blog gelesen, dass du auch so eine Katzenliebhaberin bist 🙂

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