Over the years, I’ve received a lot of letters and lovely surprises and souvenirs. Every single surprise conjured a huge smile on my face but as I can’t show every present I’ve ever received, I decided to show a selection of the most exciting, exotic and beautiful things I’ve received from my lovely snail mail penpals that could inspire you.

  1. Self-made knittware from Finland

    My lovely penpal Heidi from Finland sent me those beautiful self-made woolen socks, gloves and a little cat. These surprises are something super personal and I love to wear them.

  2. A beautiful waffles box from France

    I got this amazing steal box from Lille from my penpal Julia from France. The waffles were amazing and even though they’re empty now, I still have this wonderful box.

  3. A pack of luck and love to go from the US

    This super cute bag of little pieces of luck and love came from Mary Grace, my penpal from the United States. Whenever I need a piece, I take one.

  4. A recycling bag from Singapore

    This recycling shopping bag is not only beautiful but useful and ecofriendly. My amazing penpal Mindy from Singapore sent it to me for Christmas.

  5. Artwork from Finland

    Heidi also gave me this unique and beautiful painting of a forest. As both of us like to be creative, she also gave me felt pens and a photo frame colored by her.

  6. Books from the US and Germany

    I got these books from my penpals Lizzy from the United States and Devesh, a guy from India who now lives in Germany. Both of them had read the books themselves and were so excited about them that they sent them to me. And they were great indeed.

  7. Incense sticks from a temple in Indonesia

    Putri, my penpal from Bali once sent me these incense sticks she brought from a Balinese temple. They smell so good that I don’t want to use and light them.

  8. Candy and a bracelet from Kenya


    These sweets and the beautiful violet bracelet came from Belita, my penpal from Kenya.

  9. A sand dollar from the US

    Mary Grace sent me this beautifully decorated sand dollar she brought from a beach in Florida.

  10. Elephant accessories from Thailand

    Eye, my penpal from Thailand gave me these cute elephant accessories: two keychains and a pencil case.

    What are the most exciting surprises you’ve sent to your penpals or received from them? I’m already curious 🙂

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