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About this blog:

Travellana is an authentic travel blog from the heart. But where does the name come from? First there’s ”travel”, this is pretty obvious. The second part refers to the Spanish word for my nickname, which is ”avellana”. The name is therefore a blend of the two terms; the blog is written by a traveling hazelnut.
Moreover, Travellana is a bilingual blog as I write in both German and English. But if there is no English version of an article yet, don’t worry. I’m probably already working on a translation. And as English is not my mother tongue please be lenient with me and potential mistakes. I would really appreciate if you told me about any mistakes I made. 🙂

Who I am:

My name is Lisa Bömkes and I’m a 21 year-old girl from Germany. I’m an enthusiastic explorer of our planet but primarily, I’m a student at University of the Ruhr, Bochum, where I dedicate myself to English and American Studies as well as Media Studies. I love cultures, nature and foreign countries and I’m always in search of my next travel destination…or the one after that.

What I like:

During the time I need to save money for my next trip, I enjoy writing real, old-fashioned letters to my wonderful penpals from all over the world, which allows me to travel in a different way. I have a creative mind and I’m always interested in learning a new language. Besides German, English, French and a basic knowledge of Swedish, I wanna have a try on Spanish, Portuguese or Norwegian soon. I also have a passion for vegetable lasagne, frappuccinos and I’m addicted to Coca Cola.

Why I love traveling:

I get the chance to think outside the box, to get in contact with new countries and their cultures and I particularly learn something about myself. Every journey influences our opinions and beliefs and thus ourselves. And I’m sure that everyone who is into travelling knows that feeling at the beginning of a trip. When you arrive at the airport and you know that you’re finally ready to get away. A blend of anticipation, freedom and uncertainty…. and the farewell to my cat. (Yepp, I’m one of these unbearable cat ladies!)

Where I’ve been:

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, USA, Norway

Where I’m going to go next:

Thanks to one of my best friends, I will go on a city trip to Stockholm with her. 🙂

If this doesn’t put you off, then accompany me on my travels and dip into Travellana.

Yours, Lisa