Rome is loud, Rome is colorful, Rome is imposing!

The Italian capital is a metropolis of zest for life and temperament and links history to the present like no other. It’s fun to stroll around the alleys, to marvel at the large squares in the city, and to watch Italians while drinking coffee. It seems that there is a piece of history in every street and in every cobblestone. And only the view from above the roofs fully reveals the city’s charm.


Around the Piazza Venezia, there is a vivid hustle and bustle and you’ll easily understand that Italian temper doesn’t stop at traffic. The traffic is turbulent and chaotic and whoever dares to drive by themselves has to be really brave to keep up with the Roman driving style.


But it is not only the Piazza Venezia where people gather in order to feel the flair that radiates from Rome’s impressive sights. The Trevi Fountain attracts masses of visitors with the promise of returning to Rome if they just throw a coin into the water. The Spanish Steps don’t only enchant tourists with their ambience. They are also the place where local go to celebrate life.


The Colosseum & Roman Forum

The Colosseum is Rome’s landmark and reveals why Rome is also referred to as “the eternal city” like no other. And it is especially recommendably to take the Metro to the Colosseum. The crowds inside the Metro can easily keep up with those in London or New York City and the actual highlight are the street vendors and artists standing outside the stations to sell their works. Of course, it is the metro station at the Colosseum that is particularly featured by colorful offers.


It is not only the Colosseum that counts as one of the attractions you must visit once you’re in Rome. Only a couple of meters behind the Colosseum, the Roman Forum invites you to get lost in the ruins and to dive into the city’s antique history. You do not only encounter a lot of remnants of  bygone days but you also get the chance to discover art and beautiful architecture. And if you remember that the history of the Roman Forum dates back to the 7th century before Christ, the forum becomes an even more impressive place.


The Roman Forum is one of my favorite sights because you meet only a few people compared to the crowds in the streets of Rome. Moreover, you have a unique view on Rome today.



The Vatican

From ruins to religion: A visit in Vatican City mustn’t be missed as the smallest official state in the world around St. Peter’s Basilica is admired by people from all over the world. And as it was not only spring when we were in Rome but Easter, we could even cast a glance at a real mass and the pope.


But there’s also a lot to discover in Vatican City on usual days. Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica is fascinating and its size is elusive. It’s even more difficult to understand how it was possible to decorate the building in every detail and how much work has been done.


Another feature that is typical for Vatican City are the members of the Swiss guard, who protect the pope in their traditional uniform. If you’re lucky, you can even watch them during the changing of guards, which they have been doing since the beginning of the 16th century.


What else?

Besides the usual sights written on the to do-lits of every visitor, there are also spots that are not overrun and worth being seen. The park Villa Borghese provides a lot of space and some nice places to escape the masses of people in the center. Instead, museums are waiting for you to come and visit them and the zoo of Rome, Bioparco di Roma, is an alternative to the hectic hustle and bustel although it is featured with comparatively small enclosures.


Anyway, a ride with one of the hop on-hop off-busses avoiding the typical sights and instead bringing their passengers out of the city to show its beautiful surroundings is worthwhile. You cross Rome’s river Tiber and the Archeobus takes you to the most important archeological sites.


There are many places where you can marvel at small alleys and country roads and it seems like you would be in some small village in the country than being just a few minutes away from Italy’s capital. Here, you find small cafes offering snacks to their visitors and behind an ivy-covered wall, there’s a true gem like this Trattoria that wants to be discovered. IMG_1367ooIMG_1365oo

Rome is unique and wholeheartedly embodies the Italian way of life. The city is worth a visit because there is so much to see and its pulse is noticeable in every corner. Of course, it can be loud and hectic and just like every other big city Rome has places that aren’t that appealing. But Rome is a myth and it’s not called “the eternal city” for nothing.

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