And the Oscar goes to… Okay, this is not the Oscar but it’s the Liebster and if you ask me that’s even better!

I had heard of the Liebster Award before but when I was browsing through my unread emails on Wednesday night I noticed that I got nominated! This was a huge surprise as it came so unexpectedly. So, here’s a big THANK YOU to lovely Karin, the girl behind Girl Astray. I feel so honored and I can’t wait to answer your questions. So let’s stop talking and just start.

1. What’s the worst place you have ever traveled to? Why?

I don’t really know what the worst place was but maybe I should tell you about the worst trip. It was a trip to England and we stayed in host families in Oxford for several days and they weren’t the best ones. But the cities were absolutely amazing and I had my best friend with me. Together, we could turn this trip into a great experience.


2. Tell us your favourite (book) quote!

This one is not a book quote but a quote I really appreciate:
”We hold it in our hands,

the most precious gift of all: Freedom.
The freedom to express our art. Our love.
The freedom to be who we want to be.
We are not going to give that freedom away
and no one should take it from us.”
~Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider


3. What age did you start walking?

I had to ask my mom before I could answer this question and she told me that I made my
first steps on my first birthday. I’ve always been eager to go out and explore the


4. Are you a lone wolf or do you end up meeting travel buddies wherever you go?

If I travel for only a couple of days I don’t have any problem with being on my own and take my time to discover a new place. But if I travel for a longer time, I make quite a number of new friends from all over the world and I love that!


5. Do you have a travel soulmate?

Aren’t us travelers all soulmates as we share this longing for new and exotic places? 🙂


6. Train, plane, walking or hitchhike?

As a traveler it is difficult to avoid planes but I really enjoy traveling by train. It gives me a
feeling of relaxation and I love writing my travel diary or listening to music while I watch
the landscape and my thought get lost.


7. What is the highest mountain you climbed? (Share a photo of the view if you have one!)

I think it was a mountain called Nebelhorn, which is located in Southern Germany and is therefore a part of the German Alps. When I was a kid my family used to travel to ths region every year so I got to see a lot of mountains there. But unfortunately, I don’t have a photo.


8. If you would be to start traveling for the first time again, what would you do differently?

I would buy a postcard of every place I go to. I collect postcards and I really regret that I didn’t buy postcards during my earlier travels. Now, I don’t go anywhere without buying postcards of the place.


9. Favourite part of your gear?

That’s probably my camera. I love taking photos of all the beautiful things I come across while I’m traveling.


10. What is your main interest when you are abroad?

Stepping out into the world, seeing new places, discovering new languages and cultures, meeting people and making new friends from all over the world, enjoying the feeling of being far away from home.


11. The toughest situation you’ve ever encountered?

The situation that comes to my mind first happened when I was in Los Angeles this summer. I took a hop on hop off bus tour and wanted to see the Paramount Studios. But when I hopped of at the stop, I had to learn that the Studios were several blocks away. After a couple of minutes of walking I decided to go back to the stop to wait for the next bus as the area was scary and I was the only woman far and wide. While I was waiting for that bus somewhere in a scary area of Los Angeles there were several cars stopping in front of me and their drivers were looking at me. I was so happy when the bus was in sight and I could escape from these creepy car drivers starring at me.


Here are my 11 questions:

1. Do you have a favorite movie or book that deals with traveling? If yes, why?
2. What is the first (family) trip you can remember and where did you go?
3. Where are you going to go next?
4. What is the most exotic or interesting souvenir you’ve ever brought from a trip?
5. How do you document your travels (apart from your blog)?
6. If you could live wherever you wanted in this world, where would you live?
7. What is it that you appreciate the most about your hometown?
8. Do you try to speak foreign languages when you’re abroad?
9. What is the most beautiful beach you’ve been to?
10. Do you have any funny travel anecdote to tell us about?
11. Is there a place you would not want to go to?

And the nominated blogs are:

Every Footstep An Adventure
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(I know you’re a German blog only but I thought that you would still appreciate this nomination)
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Finally, there are the rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to him/her.
2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked by the blogger.
3. Come up with 11 new questions to ask your nominated blogs.
4. Nominate 2-11 blogs to receive the award.
5. Inform them of their nomination. You can copy & paste the award to your blog.

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