I love traveling. And I love music. That is why traveling without music is inconceivable to me. Wherever I go, my iPod accompanies me in any case. And I’m no exception for many travelers probably know the moment in which a certain song suddenly becomes the soundtrack of their trip. Or they have a song which always arouses wanderlust in them. Sometimes, these are songs singing of a particular place or telling about traveling in general. Still, there are also songs that do not have much to do with traveling at the first sight but which turn into an individual anthem of traveling. In this article, I collect my top 5 songs for and about traveling.

1. “Hotel California” – Eagles

As shallow as the surf starts the Eagles’ song and takes its listeners away into another world. In the very first seconds, everyday life seems to be far off and you immerse into the scenery of an empty and dark highway somewhere in California. It is warm, there is a soft breeze blowing and it is up to the listeners whether they dream themselves on a coastal highway or on a desert road lit up by only the stars above. When Don Henley starts singing he takes us on a journey to the legendary Hotel California and we curiously follow his story. To me, this song is one of the best ones to dream myself away and if I had to pick a song to describe California, I would go for this one.

2. “Upside Down” – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is able to create a unique atmosphere with his song. The soft rhythm of “Upside Down” generates ease and happiness and between the sounds of the instruments one could even believe to hear the sound of the sea. With his calm and melodic voice he takes us to distant places and suddenly, we sit in the white sand and under green palms, enjoy the sun and watch the sea and the hustle around us. It is left to each one of us whether we find ourselves sitting on an island in the Caribbean, the Southern Pacific or the Indian Ocean. And there may also be other places some of us dream themselves to.

3. “Carry On Wayward Son” – Kansas

To be honest, this song made it fom the TV series Supernatural straight into my top 5 travel songs. In the series, it becomes the song of the roadtrip of the Winchester brothers and it is just perfect for a roadtrip, especially in the USA. While driving on lonely roads in the midwest you listen to “Carry On Wayward Son” and you feel the seemingly boundless freedom that is in front of you. The rock-like sounds enable us to get some idea of the high speed and reflect the rough landscape. The song just make you long for an adventure on the road.

4. “Jet Lag” – Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield

 What time is it where you are? I miss you more than anything. This is how the song describing what probably happens to every traveler on a long trip begins. Simple Plan’s song deals with a long distance relationship caused by the regular traveling of the band. One partner is suddenly at the other end of the world and communication gets more difficult; that is when the heart can easily suffer from a jet lag. To me, this song is perfect if you are far away from your beloved and the longing for him or her is growing. You can entirely understand the steady calculation of the time in the other time zone. Other than you would expect, the song is not melancholic but it is rather vivid and even happy. And just as Simple Plan and Natasha Bedingfield notice at the end of the song, you will also realize that missing someone is just a part of traveling and this is somehow a good thing.

5. “Home” – Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros

The song is one of those you listen to at the end of a trip. Whenever you are on the way back home and you are a bit sad because the journey is over but you are also thankful for the great memories and looking forward to the reunion at home. You are probably sitting on a plane and every couple of minutes you look at the screen displaying the remaining time, with the hope that this number will decrease fast. Let me come home. Home is wherever I’m with you. The melody is exuberant, carefree and puts you in a good mood. Furthermore, the song has the potential to become a very catchy tune without ever getting boring.

As I’m always looking for new inspiration, feel free to tell me about your favorite travel songs in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    ich mag deine Auswahl, sind tolle Songs dabei die ich mir auf zukünftigen Reisen bestimmt auch anhören werde 🙂
    Mein Favorit ist “Drifting” von Nate Eiesland, dieses Lied erzeugt bei mir eine unfassbare Sehnsucht nach dem Reisen und berührt mich auf diesen jedes Mal, auch wenn es inhaltlich eher in Richtung Lovesong geht.. solltest du dir mal anhören 🙂
    & “Thieves” von The Beach ist ebenso perfekt!
    Ich habe gerade gelesen, dass du im Januar vorhast nach Tromso zu fliegen, was ein Zufall, weil ich das ebenfalls vorhabe! Im Juni war ich in Norwegen und habe ein Mädchen aus Tromso kennengelernt, vielleicht werde ich sie besuchen, nicht nur sie, sondern auch die Winterlandschaft und die Chance auf Polarlichter reizt doch wirklich sehr 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hallo Jim!
      Freut mich, wenn dir die Songauswahl gefallen hat. Die beiden Songs habe ich mir direkt angehört und finde sie super. Die kommen auch sofort in meine Favoritenliste. 🙂
      Das ist echt ein Zufall! Ich fliege mit meinem Freund für ein paar Tage dorthin, mit dem Ziel die Polarlichter zu sehen und einmal eine Schlittentour im Winter Wonderland machen zu können. Vielleicht haben wir ja beide Glück und die Polarlichter lassen sich wirklich blicken!
      Schonmal viel Spaß dort und eine gute Reise! 🙂

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