I did not only see amazing architecture and nature in Sweden but I also encountered a number of fascinating Swedish candy. Here’s a collection of the most interesting and delicious sweets I came across.


  1. Swedish spån is exclusively produced in a little village in Sweden and nowhere else. The twisted candy is available in different colors and flavors but my favorite was the fruity ones colored in Sweden’s national colors.


2. Knäckgodis are lollies made of caramel and little pieces of crisp bread, which is a typically Swedish product.



3. Sweet balls filled with delicious cream. Again, they’re colored in a Swedish yellow and blue. What is special about them is the fact that they’re coke-flavored.


4. Let’s continue with sweet balls. These are a bit smaller, golden and silver and have a chocolate filling inside.


5. Marabou is Sweden’s most famous chocolate. It’s available in all kinds of flavors from traditional milk chocolate to liquorice. All you have to do is  choose your favorite chocolate bar.


6. This is probaby the most popular Swedish pastry: kanelbullar. The Swedish cinnamon rolls are not only super delicious but also easy to bake. You can find tons of recipes on the internet and they are the perfect sweet snack for cold winter days.


7. Okay, I admit that this is not a candy and I wouldn’t try it. I was just so fascinated by this kaviar that’s coming from a tube that I had to include this curiosity in my post.

Which of these candies would you like to try? And have you ever tried any Swedish candy or other specialties from Sweden? I’d love to hear about your experiences! 🙂

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