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The Taste of Vietnam – Pho xao

For a long time, the Vietnamese cuisine has been widespread in the US already. But also in Germany, it’s getting more and more popular. Compared to other Asian cuisines, the Vietnamese cuisine distinguisches itself by its simplicity. So, salt, pepper, sugar and especially fish sauce are commonly used for seasoning. The dishes obtain that certain something through garlic, ginger and onions. Fish dishes for example often have ginger as a component as it (due to its spiciness) weakens the fishy taste. But most important to every dish are herbs. Mint, thai basil, coriander or spring onions do not only scent but also round off the taste.

Today, we want to pesent you not only a simple but also very tasty dish: Pho xao. Pho involves tagliatelle made out of rice. The most fmaous Pho-dish is Pho Bo/Ga, an aromatic noodle soup with beef and/or chicken. But we’ll show you Pho in a different way. With fresh, roasted vegetables, tofu and shrimps, it becomes a delicious pan dish. If you leave out the shrimps, the dish is vegan and of course, you can change or add vegetables at will. 😉 Those who don’t like noodles can eat rice instead.


4 servings:
6-7 plates Pho
1 zucchini
1 red pepper
1 bunch of Pak Choi (300g)
1 piece of tofu
300-400g shrimps
roasted and chopped chashew kernets
2-3 of spring onions
ghee or oil (for roasting)
soy sauce
sesame oil
chili sauce and lime (if necessary)

1. Let Pho soak in cold water for one hour.

2. Chop spring onions, coriander, pepper and zucchini. Chop larger Pak Choi leaves too. Keep everything seperated except for pepper and zucchini.

3. Cut tofu into 1 cm thick slices. Roast in ghee or oil until golden and then slit into smaller pieces. Remove the surplus fat.

4. Boil 1,5 l of water. Fill Pho in a big bowl or pot and pour over the hot water. After 2-3 minutes, the noodles are ready. Pour off the water and rinse noodles with cold water.

5. Roast zucchini and pepper until they’re al dente. Then put them aside. Roast Pak Choi and add to the other vegetables.

6.Roast shrimps in a pan until they’re pink. Add spring onions and a bit of soy sauce. Add vegetables and tofu. Add pepper, chili sauce and lime juice at will. Add some drops of sesame oil. Mix everything with the noodles. Serve with cashew kernets and coriander on top. Enjoy!

Have fun and good luck!
Mimi and Rose

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