It’s always a great feeling if your work is appreciated by other people. And this time, I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!The nomination comes from the amazing Tiffany and Chris, the couple behind Vagabond Way. They met each other during college and decided that they had two goals in life: paying off all their debt and traveling the world. They imposingly show how you can make your travel dream come true and that no obstacle should stop you from living that dream. Thank you for the nomination! I’m looking forward to follow your future travels!

To observe the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, I will:

  • write this post and thank my nominator
  • share 7 things of interest about myself
  • nominate 5-10 other blogs who are out there working away to acknowledge them and give them a shout out on social media

Now, be ready for 7 random things about me:


1. I love cherry tomatoes.

If you give me a bowl of sweet and fresh cherry tomatoes and a bowl of candy, chocolate or crisps, then I will definitely go for the tomatoes. Last St. Nicholas Day, I got a plate filled with cherry tomatoes and I completely freaked out as it was the best gift ever. No chocolate needed!


2. Even though I’ve never been a sports person, I tried different kinds of sport.

But I never practiced them for a long time. Once, I had this horse riding phase, which lasted for 2 years. I even took part in a competition and I came fifth place. I was really proud of myself and my horse riding career was over soon. But hey, I came fifth place – out of five. 😀


3. I love reading poetry.

Although poetry usually has a very limited number of words, it can sometimes express so much more than a 300-page text. That’s what fascinates me about poetry. I enjoy reading classics but my absolute favorite is the English poet Wendy Cope. Her straighforward and light poems are just beautiful.


4. As a child, my best friend and me used to play “Caribbean Trip”.

We would pack our bags and turned my bed into the plane that brought us to the Caribbean. We would then turn on the heaters and seperated my room into three sections: the sea, the beach and the jungle. We had so many adventures there and it’s on of the best childhood memories I have.


5. I love to look through cookbooks.

Even though I can’t cook at all and I only have 4 recipes in my repertoire, I love to look at all the beautiful pictures of meals. It gives me a huge relaxation to look at the beautifully arranged plates and I mark the best ones with sticky notes so that I could try the recipes myself. But then, I never do it. Maybe 2017 is a good year to start?


6. I like to buy my clothes second hand.

I’ve bought my clothes second hand for a few years now. It’s not only cheaper but it supports sustainability and you find amazing stuff you’d never find in a store. By now, my wardrobe consists of 80% second hand clothes. And buying things second hand also helps me to save money for my travels.


7. I used to think that I was Pippi Longstocking.

When I was four years old, I regarded myself as Pippi Longstocking and wore the weirdest combinations of clothes. I called my room “Villa Villekulla” and had stuffed horse and monkey toys. Pippi was my absolute hero!


I nominate the following bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award:


  • Thomas from Polyglott Traveller , another bilingual blog with a focus on traveling and languages
  • Mike from Nomad Lifestyle, a travel blog about lifestyle, food and the best insider tipps for Tokyo
  • Elle from These Boots Were Made For Traveling, where she shares her beautifully written adventures and impressive photography
  • Karin from Girl Astray, who writes about journeys in search of the surreal and unknown
  • Linzi from Office Breaks, a blog for those who want to escape from the office work stress and go out to explore the world

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