You feel like you have a great idea for a guest post on Travellana? That’s amazing and this is the place to be! Please read through my little guide on how to write a guest post for my blog. I’m looking forward to your creative ideas!

Your post should fulfill the following conditions:
  • Your post should be anywhere between 600 and 1200 words.
  • Your post should include 1-5 photos, depending on the type of post you’d like to write.
  • Write a few sentences to introduce yourself (&your blog).
  • Your post should be written in either German or English or both languages. If you provide a post written in either German or English, I will translate it to the other language as soon as possible.
  • Please send the post as a PDF or Word document to
What is also important:
  • By submitting the guest post and photos you agree on their publication on, as well as Travellana’s social media accounts. You agree that the rights are ceded to
  • By submitting the guest post and photos you declare that you are the original author and that you have the publishing rights.
  • You declare that your text and photos do not violate any applicable law and that you take responsibility for any legal consequences that result from your text and images.

Got any questions? Contact me via email and tell me about your idea. I’m sure it’s great!